Luxtheon Lighting Corporation unveils hybrid horticultural lighting with LED and plasma technology

Feb. 16, 2016
Adjustable Light Spectrum Provides Full Control for Horticulture Growers

(SAN DIEGO, CA) – Luxtheon Lighting Corporation – Manufacturer of intelligent Plasma & LED lighting fixtures for industrial & commercial use – is excited to announce the Medusa Grow Light, the industry’s 1st hybrid plasma and LED horticultural lighting fixture, providing full control of the light spectrum throughout the horticulture process.

Featuring Luxtheon’s SolidFusion Technology, the Medusa grow light combines a high output 470 watt plasma lamp and two true full spectrum 50 watt blue LEDs to maximize product yield. Controls on the fixture allow growers to switch the LEDs on and off, as well as adjust the plasma spectrum between ‘Vegetation’ and ‘Flower’ stages. This is achieved by tuning the intensity of heat the plasma lamp emits between 20 and 100 percent.

“By giving full control to the user, growers can adjust the spectrum as they desire to achieve maximum yield,” says Christopher Alvarez-Pereira, CEO of Luxtheon. “No other fixture on the market combines LED and plasma technology, with the ability to control the light spectrum in the various stages of growth. Say goodbye to the outdated, all or nothing approach and hello to Medusa’s limitless capabilities.”

Unlike popular legacy lamps, Medusa’s dual horticultural lighting technology provides both the necessary blue (vegetation) and red (flower) wavelengths for all stages of the grow cycle. Luxtheon’s first generation grow light outperforms plasma-specific fixtures in the blue end of the spectrum, as well as LED-only luminaires in the reds.

About Luxtheon Lighting Corporation
Luxtheon Lighting Corporation is at the forefront of developing and manufacturing intelligent plasma and LED technology based hybrid fixtures for industrial and commercial use. An industry first and patent pending hybrid design combines energy-efficient high-output Plasma and full spectrum LED lighting, allowing Luxtheon customers to realize each technologies’ optimal advantages, including reduced operating costs of up to 90%, increased reliability, and enhanced product lifetime. Luxtheon’s complete line of lighting solutions are designed and manufactured in America, including domestically sourced materials. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Luxtheon is privately owned and operated.


Kevin Satz, Marketing Director - Luxtheon Lighting Corporation
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