UV LED technology from Seoul Viosys and SETi traps Zika-virus-transmitting mosquitoes

April 25, 2016
- SEOUL VIOSYS and Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (SETi) announces the launch of MOSCLEAN: a novel mosquito trap using its violeds technology.

- violeds of SEOUL VIOSYS is a technology using the company’s ultraviolet LEDs, which when used in the MOSCLEAN mosquito trap, captures more than 3 times as many mosquitos than conventional traps.

- MOSCLEAN performance verified by global authority of mosquito control, Dr. Philip Koehler of the University of Florida in Florida, USA.

Ansan, Korea - SEOUL VIOSYS together with its partner Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (SETi), global leaders in UV LEDs and UV LED based solutions has announced that it is launching the first in a line of revolutionary mosquito traps under its violeds brand. The violeds technology-based MOSCLEAN uses UV LEDs along with a coating that produces carbon dioxide through a catalytic process. The combination of specially tuned light in a peak visual range for mosquitoes and carbon dioxide are highly effective in attracting and catching mosquitoes. In fact, independent studies show the LEDs used in the MOSCLEAN mosquito trap are highly effective on Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus, which are widespread mosquito species known to carry and transmit Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya virus. In addition, MOSCLEAN captures up to 4.5 times more Aedes aegypti and 3 times more of mosquitoes than conventional mosquito traps, according to the results of experiments conducted by scientists at the University of Florida and the University of Hawaii.

Dr. Philip Koehler, Ph.D, a leading authority in the field of mosquito control, at the University of Florida, recently announced, after a series of trials conducted in his laboratory, that when tested against traditional UV traps, the MOSCLEAN consistently showed better performance in capturing Aedes aegypti, the main vector of Zika virus. “Recent experiments conducted in our lab in Florida confirmed that MOSCLEAN UV LED trap captures significantly more mosquitoes capable of vectoring Zika virus than a popular competing product in the marketplace today. These results could ultimately help protect people as we continue to work on reducing the numbers of biting mosquitoes that transmit this important and debilitating disease.”

Another leading authority in the field of entomology, Dr. Daniel Rubinoff, Director of the University of Hawaii Insect Museum and also a Professor in the Entomology Program at the University of Hawaii, has recently conducted independent research experiments at the University of Hawaii, and further demonstrated that the “MOSCLEAN was highly effective capturing Zika virus transmitting mosquito species, along with other mosquito species which are prevalent in both residential and outdoor environments today.” In his recent white paper, Dr. Rubinoff referred to an independent research project conducted at the University of Kosin by one of the most renowned entomologists in Korea to confirm that MOSCLEAN trapped up to 3 times more mosquitoes than the traditional lamp based mosquito traps that are available in the marketplace today.

These series of research experiments performed under controlled laboratory conditions together as well as in the field in both U.S. and Asia has confirmed that the MOSCLEAN is a highly effective group of products for capturing Zika virus transmitting mosquito species, along with other mosquitoes and insects. MOSCLEAN has been confirmed to trap 3 times (3x) more mosquitoes than traditional lamp based mosquito traps on the market today.

The need for effective mosquito control was made apparent recently, when the problems with Zika virus hit the news, but according to World Health Organization (WHO), mosquitoes have long been an issue and are the # 1 deadliest animal on the planet, causing more than 725,000 (https://www.gatesnotes.com/Health/Most-Lethal-Animal-Mosquito-Week) deaths every year due to mosquito transmitted diseases such as Malaria, Dengue virus and Japanese Encephalitis. Dr. Daniel Rubinoff stated that the MOSCLEAN “is technology using special LEDs tuned to emit light which is very attractive to a variety of mosquito species, including Aedes albopictus, a mosquito linked to transmission of Zika virus”. Mosquito populations have been on the rise recently, and by attracting and trapping up to 3 times more mosquitoes than conventional mosquito traps, “the MOSCLEAN may be very important in helping homeowners catch mosquitoes and reduce the spread of diseases such as Zika and Dengue” Dr. Daniel Rubinoff went on to say.

Traditional mosquito control solutions include expensive carbon dioxide traps, chemical sprays that may harm beneficial pollinators (bees), and noisy, smelly insect “zappers” that attract mosquitos and many other beneficial insects into a high voltage metal grid using a UV “black light” bulb. Designed around the violeds technology and using LEDs instead of a traditional UV “black light” bulb, the MOSCLEAN is safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective with no replacement bulbs or consumables. Dr. Yoon Yeojin, Vice President of SEOUL VIOSYS’ UV Development Center stated “the MOSCLEAN has been developed using LEDs that emit a certain wavelength of UV light that is highly effective for mosquito capture, while remaining perfectly safe to the user. We’ve also added a special coating that when used with the LEDs emits carbon dioxide to further increase the performance of the MOSCLEAN”.

What is violeds™ technology?
Using the world’s best UV LEDs from a strategic partnership between SEOUL VIOSYS of Ansan, Korea and SETi of Columbia, SC, USA, violeds technology offers new ultraviolet products for a wide range of applications across multiple markets. Products include LEDs spanning the complete UV range from 255nm to 405nm plus LED modules and lamps, subsystems and complete systems based on these LEDs.

• Disinfection of air, water and surfaces
• Air deodorization
• Clinical treatments
• Industrial curing

violeds is a green technology with long life, low power consumption and constructed with environmentally friendly materials.

SEOUL VIOSYS is a manufacturing business specialized in UV LED and Blue LED Chip which has been established, invested and is being operated by Seoul Semiconductor Company as a Korean LED-specialized business ranked as the world’s 4th largest and its executives and employees. Since its establishment in 2002, it has continued research & development related to UV LED through solidarity and investment, etc. with overseas businesses, makes contribution to expanding dissemination of UV LED as the cleaning technology by concentrating in UV application areas, with continuation of research and development related to electronic materials to lead the next-generation future industry.

About SETi
Founded in 1999, SETi is globally recognized as the market leader for the design, development and manufacture of Deep UV LED materials, devices and systems from 230nm to 335nm. SETi is ISO9001 and AS9100 certified, is NASA space flight qualified and has been recognized for its innovation by numerous agencies including DARPA. SETi offers a broad range of standard and custom products in to a wide range of applications in public and private sector markets and continues to heavily invest in R&D to maintain its leadership position. SETi is the exclusive distributor of SEOUL VIOSYS products in North and South America.

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