Danish concert venue uses Elnor LED display for performance background

Oct. 31, 2016
Lately, Danish concert stage has been aglow with Elnor P3.91 LED display screen in 36 square meters. Designed with particular black lamp and for gorgeous dance screen, LED display screen is provided by Elnor as stage background. Each pixel, consisting of 1R1G1B, is 3-in-1 encapsulated into a rubber body, excellent in hetero chromaticity and uniformity, soft in luminosity, large in viewing angle and clear in pictures. With high visual refresh rate, flicker free, stable performance and smooth images, it is quite good for video camera to make a picture recording on the spot. Various products made by our company tend to be well-developed and diversified in the aspects such as technology, craftwork, etc. The product quality has reached international level. Being extensively applied to stages, events or parties for song and dance, various presentations, fairs, etc., it is widely used in the service organizations such as government agencies, bankings, hospitals, schools, restaurants, etc.

Rental LED display screen, built by Elnor, adopts black lamp SMD2121. The contrast ratio reaches up to 500000:1. It not only meets indoor need that requires a display of high gray low light, but also achieves soft display effect with high refresh and high stability. The pixel pitch in 3.91mm and particular buckle structure ensure integral effect without gaps in between. The product is strongly represented with standardization, all using regular cabinets in size 500*500mm each with weight 7.8kgs only. Disigned with graceful outward appearance, it is easy to assemble and disassemble.
Along with the regulation of LED market application and establishment of related standard, standardized production in a batch have become an important magic weapon in reaching the market. Elnor has as always subdivided the high-quality products in variety into the markets in various fields, making more efforts to innovate and improve products on a constant basis, achieving standardized production to fundamentally lower down the production cost. Elnor will make the best transmission platform in new media age, applying LED products to various fields.



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