FiberTech Optica releases high-power, fiber-coupled multiwavelength LED light source for scientific applications

June 24, 2016
Leveraging their expertise in custom fiber optic assemblies solutions, FTO introduces it's high power fiber -coupled multi-wavelength LED light sources for optogenics and fluorescence microscopy.

Our new multi-wavelength fiber-coupled LED light sources are built on a modular LED platform that can be configured to the customer's required spectral distribution. Possible configurations span the entire UV to NIR spectral range using a selection of discrete narrow band emitters. Our proprietary coupling method enables us to combine an arbitrary number of LEDs in a fiber bundle to match the required output aperture size.

The LED light source features a light distribution management system along with independently adjustable intensity tuning which offers the user total control over output of a very broad wavelength range.

The entire system is computer controlled via USB. The system offers a versatile light source with low operating costs, no heat related problems and low maintenance.


Jeff Dupuis, VP Sales & Marketing - FiberTech Optica
Cheryl Provost, Technical Sales Sales Specialist