LG Electronics and Nissan Stadium win big in LED sports lighting overhaul

Sept. 12, 2016
Leading LED lighting manufacturer LG Electronics in partnership with lighting and energy vendor Enterprise Solutions announced that Nissan Stadium, home of the NFL’s Tennessee Titans®, has installed LG’s new highly efficient LED retrofit fixtures as part of the stadium’s plans to convert its existing lighting to LED sports lighting using LG’s Sensor Connect High Bays.

To launch the new concourse lighting experience for fans in advance of the Titans’ Sept. 11 season kickoff, LG partnered with Enterprise Solutions, the leading regional provider of energy control platforms. Chosen by Nissan Stadium for the project, Enterprise recommended LG’s superior LED lighting products which are compatible with Autani® wireless controls, the stadium’s preferred ZigBee®-based controls platform, for the deployment of active control networks.

“We’re proud to provide the ideal LED lighting solution as part of the stadium’s plans for increasing its energy efficiency, and LG’s high bays are a perfect fit for the job given LED’s long-term performance and superior lighting quality,” said Sean Lafferty, head of LG’s U.S. LED lighting business. “Our lighting will provide a brighter and more uniform lighting experience for fans, and we’re confident that measurable energy savings will result from the conversion for years to come.”

LG’s new high bays with embedded sensors and ZigBee wireless communication enable efficient lighting oversight via mobile application and allow stadium managers to optimally manage lighting needs. The fixtures feature integrated sensors and provide the flexibility required to create a network of high bays that work together within a lighting control system. The ZigBee feature allows for installation cost savings and is less expensive to maintain over time.

“Updating the lighting throughout the concourses with LG’s high bays in partnership with Enterprise Solutions has been integral to the stadium’s ongoing improvements over recent months and initial results have exceeded our expectations,” said Bob Flynn, vice president of facilities and game day operations at Nissan Stadium. “The lighting has brightened up high-traffic areas to the point that fans have been similarly impressed, having commented on the improved conditions, and we are honored to provide our patrons with an enhanced experience throughout the stadium.”

Autani is a software and building automation provider with a proven track record of reducing energy consumption. At the core of its product offerings is EnergyCenter®, a building management platform that connects ZigBee-based sensors to control, monitor and verify energy consumption through a single, powerful system. In working with compatible LG LED lighting products, Autani adds a powerful active lighting control scheme to any facility.

“It is great to work with forward-thinking clients like Nissan Stadium,” shared Jim Seabury, Chairman & CEO of Enterprise Solutions. “Autani’s wireless controls platform paired with LG’s LED fixtures provide stadium managers with the optimized lighting and controls that enhance the facility’s operability.”

For more information about LG’s LED lighting solutions, please visit www.LGLightingUS.com. For more information on Enterprise Solutions, please visit www.enterprisellc.com.


Sean Lafferty, Head of LG’s U.S. LED lighting business - LG Electronics