Penn Elcom adds more choice and color to LED rack light lineup

Sept. 13, 2016
Penn Elcom’s super-cool LED rack light – the RADM-23 Raclite – has proved so popular that the flightcase, loudspeaker and 19 inch rack manufacturer has launched an RGB version so that clients can vary the colour of their rack lighting.

This innovative new rack system product was specifically designed for 19 inch racks of all types and in all scenarios, and can be fitted to the front or back of the rack … where it provides a flexible, elegant and practical solution for illuminating equipment in dark environments.

“Penn is all about customer service, and the original cool-white LED Raclite was an instant success! People love the product, so much so that we started receiving requests for coloured versions. Listening to the market … that’s exactly what we did … and the result is the multi-coloured RADM-23C Raclite,” explains Penn’s Rob Platt.

The discreet 1U RADM-23C features 15 high quality RGB SMD 5050 LED emitters with a beam angle of 120 to cover a wide variety of different set ups.

It is IP65 rated and therefore moisture resistant, so also great for indoor and outdoor installations and those in more humid places like swimming pools and greenhouses or any number of locations where condensation occurs which can include clubs, restaurants, bars and all types of venues.

The light gives a clear view of all the kit in the rack enabling the status of equipment to be checked and assessed via the monitoring information which can be seen at a glance.

Users can select which colour they would like to have the rack illuminated – red, blue or green and assorted combinations – using three push-buttons on the top of the case. These give easy and fuss-free access to a number of pre-programmed options, so the rack lighting colour can also be changed to suit the mood or surroundings.

Different colours and light levels can also help make different types of racks more clearly visible and identifiable.

A 12v / 500 mA Universal power supply means the Raclite can be plugged in and powered up anywhere in the world. It features Penn’s renowned rugged steel constriction and is finished in black as standard.

The on/off switch is permanently illuminated – in red and without emitting any ambient light - - so it can be clearly seen and located in dark or murky conditions.

The Raclite design is non-intrusive and remains effectively concealed as part of the rack’s streamlined appearance, giving a nice smooth and even down-wash.


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