CPL makes LED screen investment

Aug. 26, 2016
Event technical production specialist Central Presentations Limited (CPL) has invested in 80 square metres of new ROE Black OnyX 3.4 mm LED screen plus ROE LED strip product … both of which are going directly onto a job in London and will then be available from the west Midlands, UK based company’s rental stock.

CPL project manager Simon Haydon explains that this screen was chosen because as a high quality HD indoor product and in keeping with the company’s commitment to stocking premium brands, ROE is one of the best known and most widely used brands in the European rental and staging markets, and has gained a great reputation for being practical and innovative.

“We purchased it as a versatile all-round solution that will be perfect for the range of shows and events we service,” confirms Simon.

Robust magnetised magnesium alloy frames and bumper-bars with clamps that hold the 500 x 500 mm lightweight panels make it extremely easy to assemble, and one person can build a complete LED wall on their own!

Each touring frame comprises four quadrants, so the panels - weighing 9.4 Kgs each - can easily be removed for maintenance and repair – even in situ – and damaged pixels can be repaired quickly and easily.

The screen modules are intelligent and store the calibrating and operational parameters separately for further enhanced maintenance.

This particular ROE product can also create a concave curve of 10 % using plate attachments to the rear and it can be ground stacked or flown.

The screen – all purchased from the same batch for continuity and consistency - also integrates seamlessly with the Prolyte trussing and ground support system, which CPL has already purchased. This makes creating ceilings, walls and other shapes from the ROE 3.4mm Black OnyX extremely easy.

CPL’s own custom single point projector brackets can be used with the LED panels to create interesting and creative structures, panels can be attached vertically to the truss and also rotated easily to give architectural effects and cool shapes like a line of panels on a diagonal, etc.

New Brompton processing will be used to merge the screen surfaces together and also to colour match additional product that might be sub-hired.

The 60 x lengths of LED strips feature two pixels per side and are 1.2mtr lengths, with an 18.75 mm horizontal pitch and a 9.375 vertical pitch. Also IP65 rated, they are perfect for making creative shapes and borders, and come neatly packaged in 4, 8 and 16 way flightcases.

The new LED panels, strips and processing will join CPL’s extensive stock of projectors, media servers, cameras and PPUs. LED is being increasingly specified for events of all sizes and budgets, so it was a logical step to start investing and building up a stock.


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