Lightac's multifunctional 7W lamp operates as LED emergency lighting

Aug. 1, 2016
Multi-functional 7W LED Bulb Lamp Type B

E27, AC100-240V input voltage with synchronous charging.
USB interface, 5V, 0.5A output for cellphone for charging.
Emergency lighting function, automatically convert to powered by battery when no electricity.
Portable &suitable for a variety of places.
Last working for 6 hours.
Private mold, patented appearance design.

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Product Description
This Rechargeable LED bulb can be used as a flash light or as a regular bulb that doubles as an emergency light.Whether used at home or taken with you when camping, this is a handy product that does not require batteries and provides bright crisp light when you need it most.It has an USB interface with an DC 5V,0.5A output, which is suitable for cell phone charging.

This product can be turned on easily during a power outage, and is constantly charging while in socket(when the battery is full, it would stop charging autometically, which maximum the lifespan of the battery ). Besides, you have a lot of ways to get the bulb charged. There is a Micro inlet with a 5V input along with the USB cable. You can connect to a cell phone adapter, connect to a computer, or even connect to an power bank for charging. But even more amazing, you can charge it with a solar panel!

Product Features:
E27, AC100-240V input voltage with synchronous charging
Emergency lighting function, automatically convert to powered by battery when no electricity lit up by mounting a starter with a hook, Portable &suitable for a variety of places
Imported Epistar SMD2835 LED chip, 6000 K, super bright, soft light beam, no glare
Built-in 3.7V/2600mAh Lithium battery, last working for 6hours
Equipped with a USB Micro DC inlet for lamp charging
1.8W 6V polycrystalline silicon solar panel
USB interface, 5V, 0.5A output, you can connect it to a cellphone for charging
Intelligent power supply inside, overvoltage & overcurrent IC protection to ensure safety
ABS+PC housing, compact & sturdy, stylish and elegant appearance
Private mold, patented appearance design

Home & Office Lighting: bedroom, dormitory, study room, office, school, etc.
Emergency Lighting: battery-powered when no electricity
Portable Lighting: camping, fishing, hiking, picnic, barbecue, booths &stalls in night market, etc.
Solar-powered Lighting: charging with a solar panel is optional, photovoltaic new green energy, eco-friendly

Data sheet of Multi-functional-LED-BulbType B.pdf

User-Manual of Multi-functional-LED-Bulb.pdf


Jack Chen, Sales Manager - Lightac Industry Co.,Limited