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Dec. 15, 2023
LEDs and illumination sources for specialty applications such as industrial, medical, disinfection, and horticultural.


Specialized applications in laboratory, industrial, and pathogen mitigation equipment require robust emitters, hardy packaging, and careful materials and component integration for best performance under demanding operations, from microscopy to quality control to sterilization and beyond.


Gen2 XBT-3535 Series UV LEDs, Luminus

Luminus has launched Gen2 XBT-3535 UV LEDs available in 265, 275, 285, 308, and 340-nm wavelengths to extend its existing lineup of UV LEDs. The company has highlighted the 265-nm UV-C offering in particular for its 56% improvement in disinfection efficiency and its output power of more than 60 mW at 500 mA. A “Mini” version of the 265-nm delivers 20 mW at 150 mA. UV-C emitters are engineered for air, water, and surface disinfection applications. UV-B offerings at 285 and 308 nm can serve in horticultural, instrumentation, and phototherapy applications.



NewDEL Model X3312 Fiber-coupled LED Source, LumeDEL

The Model X3312 utilizes a phosphor-coated UV LED for broad-spectrum (330 to 1,100 nm) emission, developed to replace halogen lamps in spectroscopy applications. The UV peak can be blocked with a long-pass filter for VIS-NIR operation only when UV is not needed. The driver- and controller-integrated instrument can be configured for continuous, pulsed, or triggered operation modes to meet various system needs. Users can program the unit via serial commands or operate the device via a Microsoft Windows–based GUI.



NCSU434B UV LEDs, Nichia

Adding to its portfolio of 280-, 365-, and 405-nm LEDs, Nichia’s 434B UV-B (peak 308 nm) and UV-A (peak 330 nm) LEDs will be available from March 2024. The new emitters match the 3.5×3.5-mm footprint of existing 434 Series UV-C LEDs to ease design of fixtures with multiple-wavelength devices or those with high density configurations. 308-nm UV-B LEDs can be employed for pathogen control and plant health in horticultural fixtures. Discrete and board-mounted samples are available upon request via the link below.



JWL225-DO Lightgistics Machine Vision Light, Smart Vision Lights

With 10-, 14-, and 30-degree lens options, Lightgistics’ linear configuration delivers illumination in machine vision and inspection applications at working distances of up to 2,000 mm. Hidden Strobe technology internally triggers LED pulses faster than the human eye can detect, producing a continuous lighting effect more comfortable to nearby workers or operators while leveraging high-speed strobing functionality for improved image-capture systems in barcode reading and optical character recognition. An onboard charging capacitor ensures consistently low electrical draw.



Packaged Silanna MTE2350F-UV and MTE2350D-UV LEDs, Marktech Optoelectronics

Silanna UV-C LEDs in 235- and 255-nm wavelengths are available in flat and dome lens SMD and TO-cans packages, as well as custom packaging to be provided in 2024 including a hermetic metal-ceramic ATLAS offering by Marktech. The compact, lightweight emitters can exceed 9,000 hours and 18,000 hours of operation for 235- and 255-nm versions, respectively. The LEDs enable water purification, air disinfection, and surface sanitization as well as chemical and materials sensing for analytical equipment.



X-Cite XYLIS II Broad Spectrum LED Illumination System, Excelitas Technologies

A replacement for the X-Cite XYLIS model, XYLIS II offers quieter operation and increased optical output, generating broad-spectrum white light for fluorescence microscopy applications. Patented LaserLED Hybrid Drive technology overcomes the green gap with a combination of laser phosphor conversion and LED technology to generate high-power excitation light in the 540- to 590-nm region. Controls, light guides, adapters, and command set remain the same as the previous-generation instrument to simplify the transition to the updated illumination system.



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