Tyanshine Photoelectric develops C3535 RGBW packaged LEDs for architectural lighting

June 20, 2016
Tyanshine Photoelectric have developed its newly RGBW packaged LEDs in C3535 package with dimension 3.45*3.45mm. In order to solve the problem of color-mixing with single color R/G/B/W LEDs in a wall washer luminary, the small package C3535 Quad RGBW LEDs came out and made a RGB or RGBW mixing in one dot.

The C3535 RGBW packaged LEDs are available 3W @250mA and 5W @500mA.
It used Eutectic-bonding packaging technique on a ceramic base, with the features of stronger cohesion, less coefficient of expansion, more stable, tighter air-proof to enable tough outdoor application circumstances and higher conductivity upto 160W/mK.

About Tyanshine:
Established in 2004, Guangzhou Tyanshine Photoelectric Co., Ltd is specialized in RGB(x) multi-color / multi-chips LEDs packaging.

Certified by SGS ISO9001:2008, UKAS QUALITY MANAGEMENT system, Tyanshine Photoelectric supplies qualified products for the industries of Entertainment lighting, Architectural lighting, Broadcasting/ photography / filming, Medical lighting, etc, of which product covers Lamp LED, SMD LED, COB LED Array, LED Module/Engine...


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