Fox Group appoints Opton as distributor in France

April 13, 2007
The Fox Group Inc. has announced that Opton Laser International is to be its exclusive distributor in France for all of Fox Group's lines of LEDs.

Opton Laser, Orsay, France, will provide customers in France with a highly qualified channel for purchasing Fox Group’s LED products and obtaining expert design support and customer service. Opton Laser will design and sell Fox Group’s broad and unique portfolio of UV and Blue LEDs, including 360 nm, 350 nm and 420 nm peak wavelengths. All of these product lines are available in the form of epitaxial wafers, dies (LED chips) and packaged LEDs.

Opton Laser will benefit from offering Fox Group’s wide selection of UV products to Opton Laser’s customer base in medical, automotive, curing, forensics, biophotonics, military sterilization and many other applications. Opton Laser’s strong marketing, engineering and supply chain programs will provide Fox Group with an experienced and specialized partner to grow its business in France.

"Opton Laser International is very excited about the new opportunities to develop the French market together with our partner Fox Group," said Costel Subran, presidentof Opton Laser International. "The potential we identified in the products from Fox Group is backed by a strong and differentiated technology". Subran is also the vice-president of the French Optical Society and Member of the Board of Comité National d’Optique et Photonique in France.

Fox Group's leading line of FoxUV™ LEDs is undergoing continuous improvement with radiant power output per dollar increasing by over 100% in the past 12 months.

Opton Laser's focus on a high-end customer base, plus its strong design and engineering services make this relationship mutually beneficial.

"Fox Group is delighted to add a distributor of Opton Laser’s caliber to our expanding group of distributors," said Barney O’Meara, president and CEO of Fox Group. "We look forward to working closely with Opton Laser to address existing and emerging applications for LEDs, especially in biophotonics, medicine, biotechnology, and analytical systems utilizing fluorescence."