BluGlass opens pilot plant to demonstrate LED growth process

Sept. 24, 2008
Australia’s Environment Minister says that BluGlass technology fits well with the country’s intention to move towards energy-efficient lighting, reports Tim Whitaker.

BluGlass, an Australian company that has developed low-cost manufacturing technology for growing GaNbased material for LEDs, has opened its new headquarters and demonstration plant at Silverwater, Sydney. The facility was opened by Peter Garrett, Australia’s Federal Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts.

The new pilot LED demonstration plant features BluGlass’s first commercial-scale semiconductor growth system that is fitted with the company’s home-grown remote plasma chemical vapor deposition (RPCVD) technology.

RPCVD can be used to grow the multilayer semiconductor structures that are the starting point for the fabrication of GaN-based LEDs. Currently, commercial production of LEDs uses the metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) process to deposit material onto sapphire or silicon carbide substrates.


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