LED workshop identifies business and technical opportunities for Europe

Dec. 11, 2007
A recent workshop held in Germany allowed industry experts to discuss opportunities and challenges facing the LED marketplace and the solid-state lighting sector, writes EPIC's Tom Pearsall.
A recent workshop organized by the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) brought industry experts together to identify challenges that need to be addressed by stakeholders in the European LED industry.

The Workshop on LED Manufacturing for Lighting & Displays was held in Berlin, Germany on September 10-11, 2007. To support the widespread adoption of LEDs in general lighting applications, the LED industry must be able to generate revenues and profits to support the R&D required to improve LED performance and reduce costs. Significant advances in performance will be needed to realize these expectations, as follows:
• Output of a single white LED to exceed 200 lumens
• Radiant conversion efficiency to exceed 150 lm/W
• Luminance greater than 50 Mcd/m2
• Lifetime greater than 50,000 hours
• Integration into large-area panels
• Integration with driving electronics
• Resistance to harsh weather conditions

Performance improvements

The synthesis of LED materials is well-advanced and has already produced LED chips with near 100% quantum efficiency. Further improvements in performance must come from innovations in color quality, and thermal and optical performance. For color quality, areas such as phosphors, down converters, and color rendering are all important.

Lifetime, packaging materials and processes and thermal management all require further innovation, and the same applies to reflector designs, optics, and designs for 3-D imaging, beam steering and adaptive optics.


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