Ellsworth Adhesives to display latest adhesive technologies for LED lighting applications at Strategies in Light

Ellsworth Adhesives, a global distributor of adhesives, specialty chemicals and dispensing equipment, is displaying the latest technology of adhesives and dispensing equipment for LED lighting and other LED applications in Booth 506. A few of the products Ellsworth Adhesives is presenting at the show include Dow Corning’s CI-2001, EI-1184 and the F4200N.1 from Fisnar.

CI-2001 is a white reflective coating for light reflectors, mixing chambers, backlight units, light engine units, PCB and AI surfaces used in the assembly of LED lamp and luminaires. CI-2001 is a cost effective solution for multiple applications. It can be applied to low-cost aluminum/plastic reflectors to enhance their performance. It can also be applied to shaped heat sink (surface toward the LED) which becomes reflective functional, thus reducing system components. CI-2001 is flexible and doesn't crack when bent.

EI-1184 is a two-part (1:1 mix ratio), clear, high performance, fast curing silicone encapsulant designed for outdoor LED lighting applications. It improves the device's longevity and manufacturability. EI-1184 offers high transparency and does not yellow easily.

The F4200N.1 is a compact and economically priced bench top 3-axis robot, able to dispense adhesives and specialty chemicals in precise designs on a 200mm x 150mm work area. The F4200N.1 is an easily programmable (teaching pendant included) and maintained machine.

For more information on Ellsworth Adhesives or these products, visit the company website or call 1.800.888.0698.


Nick Noskowiak, Marketing Assistant - Ellsworth Adhesives
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