Arrowhead Thermal Products simplifies SSL assembly with isolating thermal adhesives

Feb. 2, 2015
Arrowhead Thermal Products, LLC introduces a new thermally-conductive, electrically- insulative, pressure sensitive adhesive (TC PSA) called LEDtach™QT. LEDtach QT eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners like clips or screws and all of the processes required to use them. LEDtach QT also replaces the thermally conductive silicone insulators or gap fillers used to isolate the device from the heat sink.

The assembly process is simple: just laminate the LEDtach QT to the LED module, locate the module onto the heat sink or base and apply pressure for 3-5 seconds. As labor costs continue to increase, the LEDtach QT adhesive can reduce your overall cost of production.

The LEDtach QT adhesive performs three critical functions in the LED lighting assembly. It adhesively bonds, allows heat to transfer through and electrically isolates the LED device to the heat sink. It’s the LEDtach Adhesive Triple-Play.
LEDtach QT comes in three different levels of thermal transfer performance and they are UL 94 V-0 flame rated. Arrowhead Thermal Products has a range of TC PSA’s sold into the LED lighting market.


Bob Kranz - Arrowhead Thermal Products, LLC

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