Techsil provides LED thermal management tape for solid-state lighting applications

July 10, 2015
With all of the latest advances in solid state lighting technologies the requirement for efficient and practical thermal interface materials is more important than ever. Heat is the enemy of performance; LED manufacturers are looking to completely eliminate any overheating by using technically advanced LED thermal management techniques whilst still using products which are reliable and will provide a long lasting hold or join.

Techsil is excited to introduce a new thermally conductive tape which not only allows heat to transfer easily and dissipate quickly but still provide a trustworthy bond. Stokvis 202331 (TIM) is a double-sided heat transfer tape designed with LED thermal management in mind, namely bonding heat sinks or aluminium casings to LED strips and units. This innovative tape consists of an acrylic adhesive which contains thermally conductive ceramic particles which diffuse and transmit heat away from the LED or sensitive components.

Along with high thermal conductivity, Stokvis 202331 (TIM) also offers good heat resistance, age resistance and weatherability. This white, flame retardant acrylic foam LED thermal management tape is halogen free and performs intermittently in temperatures of up to 150°C, with a continuous service temperature range of -40°C and +105°C. Stokvis thermally conductive tapes are the logical choice to convey the heat from under the LED strip out to the aluminium casing of the luminaires.

Why use tape as an LED thermal management Solution?

Heat management is a key factor in LED design, assembly and manufacture. 70% of the electricity in a LED is transferred into heat; if this heat is not removed it will reduce the efficiency and reliability of the LED. Thermally conductive tape optimises the heat path from the LED to the heat sink; it eliminates the air between the heat source and the heat sink whilst electrically insulating and mounting the LED.

Stokvis 202331 (TIM) has more strengths than just conducting heat; utilising this tape in an LED or OLED application highlights some of its naturally impressive benefits! Tape is a dry system there is no waiting around for it to cure, saving time! It is extremely easy and clean to apply; if you are working on a 1 meter strip, simply cut a 1 meter strip of tape, saving waste! Lastly, your Health & Safety department will be thrilled; there is no risk of spill, no mess and no hazardous nasties within the product composition to deal with.

Gap filling foam tapes also come with the added benefit of providing vibration insulation and restricting any unwanted movement or slippage. The length, width and thickness of the tapes make them a reliable choice, resulting in a controlled thermal path across the strip.

Here’s the technical bit...

The thermal conductivity offered by Stokvis 202331 is 2 W/mK, with a breakdown voltage of 35 kV/mm. It offers adhesion on stainless steel of 25 N/25mm and a static shear (@ 23°C) of 1 kg/625 mm2. This grade comes in a 0.5 mm thickness as standard, however if you’re looking for a thicker alternative try Stokvis 202332 which is 0.8 mm thick. 202332 still offers a high thermal conductivity of 1.2 W/mK, with a higher adhesion to steel of 30 N/25 mm.

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