T.C. Millwork enhances SMARTWALL with new LED light engine for retail display lighting

June 18, 2015
T.C. Millwork, Inc. has upgraded the state-of-the-art LED light engine for their SMARTWALL® retail display lighting system. Now using reflectors to maximize the beam spread, the integrated lights are rated at 800 lumens per foot at a 93.5 color rendition, bringing out the true colors and enhancing the presentation of your merchandise.

With no exposed wires or exposed electrical connections, SMARTWALL® retail display lighting is self contained elegance. Our lightweight shelves house LED pucks or strip lights whose intensity and color temperature can be selected to enhance and maximize the appearance of your product or merchandise. Plus/minus circuitry is built into each shelf which allows you to place them anywhere along the wall standards. LEDs last over ten years without a change out, emit no harmful UV rays, and can be qualified for LEED certification.

SMARTWALL® is a UL listed, low voltage retail display lighting system that can be configured and manufactured to meet your individual specifications and merchandising needs. What sets SMARTWALL® apart from all other wall systems is that is completely customizable for any retail environment.

• Choose from puck or strip lights in a variety of color temperatures
• Choose from single point "floating" shelves or thin-line standards for maximum adjustability
• Flexible light placement or direction
• Custom thickness, length and depth of shelves to compliment store design
• Choose from a wide variety of finishes including laminate, film, or paint to compliment your store environment
• SMARTWALL® can be used in a wide variety of other custom applications to include: soffits, column wraps, gondolas and multi-tiered lit tables.

Installation of the system is quick, clean and easy, with no special tooling or expertise needed. New products and applications are being developed and added to the SMARTWALL® line, ultimately future proofing your investment.

For the best and easiest way to bring excitement to your visual merchandising, consider SMARTWALL®, and bring the light to your product.


Jeff Kubach - T.C. Millwork, Inc.
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