Excelite Plastics polycarbonate materials meet performance needs of automotive LED designs

June 10, 2015
The automotive industry has been exploring the use of LED lighting systems. In fact, the aesthetic value of most cars comes from the headlights. Designing the headlights in a unique and different style gives it a unique personality. Manufacturers manipulate these materials to realize extraordinary shapes. The use of polycarbonate products in automotive LED designs is a new technology that will transform the automotive industry. It aims at incorporating new concepts in the lighting industry. As a matter of fact, everyone would wish to have energy efficient and durable products. The technology aims at: Achieving design flexibility - the freedom to design virtually any shape from polycarbonate has been a major factor. It has evolved over time to an extent that it cannot be compared to the old designs used in the 1980s. This technology has been adopted in the automotive industry. A reason why automotive manufacturers produce headlamps with very complex shapes. All lenses are manufactured from polycarbonate since it is considered an indestructible material. It can repel stone chippings regardless of the design. This new technology features high performance polycarbonate products that have been tested to meet the design requirements. Cars like Jeep are have polycarbonate widescreens. In this new, innovative lighting system, the polycarbonate is used to manufacture the inner sections of the headlights and other lighting equipment in the interior section of the car. To ensure that the lighting component produces optimal light while ensuring safety, polycarbonate lenses and light conductors are being incorporated in these lighting systems. Integrating this feature with design flexibility has been a selling point for most utomotive LED lighting systems. Sustainability - this is a major concern in most manufacturing and production industries. The automotive LED systems manufactured using polycarbonate sheets are generally sustainable in all aspects. The polycarbonate used in this process can be recycled to make other products. It does not emit poisonous fumes when burning and it is flame retardant. Secondly, both the LEDs and the polycarbonate sheets are not heavy. This combination results in a lighting system, which is 50% less than the conventional glass systems. For vehicles, it will result in a lighter car, hence, low fuel consumption. For residential or commercial application, less material will be required for construction. This reduces costs. Reduced energy consumption - the use of LED systems is mainly geared towards reducing the amount of energy used in residential, commercial or other equipment. The LED requires a low amount of energy and their service life is about 50,000 hours. The conventional bulbs dissipate a lot of energy inform of heat and have a service life of about 2,000 hours. The polycarbonate material is also strong enough to protect an automotive LED from damage. The LED is generally delicate and they must be protected using a tough material. Even the thinnest polycarbonate sheet is still stronger than thick layers of glass. This has economic aspects in that, it reduces the amount of material used in the manufacturing process. Enhancing the lighting system - Excelite Plastics Ltd. has invested a lot of their resources to modify various polycarbonate sheets. These sheets are designed for maximum light diffusion or reflection depending on the desired design. Introducing this new lighting concept has really revolutionized the use of polycarbonate sheets and LED in the lighting industry. There are other products this company will unveil before the end of this year. It is still convinced that this new revelation can be refined further to cater for all societal needs. Of course, this innovation has been due to the increasing demand and competition in this industry. Excelite Plastics Ltd. has been investing in high-tech LED lighting systems. Their main focus is to introduce innovative products in the LED lighting industry. The company aims at producing sustainable products which are energy efficient and cost effective.


Excelite Plastics Limited
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