Yaham launches Compact II LED high bay with improved heat dissipation and lighter weight

March 1, 2015
As a professional lighting solution provider, Yaham Lighting focuses on developing high-end industrial LED lighting products with consistent performance and quality.

The new LED high bay is one of Yaham's best lighting products. Yaham's Classical Compact LED high bay has been widely used in factory, warehouse, and toll station lighting applications all around the world. Recently, Yaham Lighting announced the Compact II LED high bay, which is an even more cost-effective industrial lighting solution than the Compact A/B/C series.

The heat sink of the Compact II LED high bay maintains the classic sunflower shape. But using AA1070(Al99.7) instead of ADC12(Al85.5) aluminum alloy to achieve lighter weight and better thermal performance. Advanced forging technologies are applied to make it all possible. The net weight is only 1.8 kg.

We have eliminated the reflector structure to free up more space for an SMD LED source, which allows more space for higher efficiency components. The Compact II LED high bay can achieve 130 lm/W luminous efficiency.

The light distribution systems are based on lenses. Yaham has developed a series of lenses with typical beam angles. Precise optical systems will ensure you place lighting in the right locations.

More than 5 installation methods are optional for the Compact II LED high bay. a standard E40 interface supports one-for-one replacement of HID. Hook and suspended installation are applied to factory, warehouse and toll station projects. Pole and plate mounted installations are suitable for parking lot, roadway and other exterior applications.

A Mean Well power supply and original Nichia LED chips are incorporated into the Compact II LED high bay to guarantee long life with low maintenance. Lifetime is more than 50,000 hours, and a 5 year warranty is offered.


Yaham Lighting limited
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