Arrow Electronics adds partners to LED business

March 28, 2006
LED Specialists and Metaphase Technologies have joined Arrow's program to offer complete LED solutions.
The North American Components (NAC) group of Arrow Electronics has signed agreements with LED Specialists and Metaphase Technologies, two companies with extensive high-brightness LED expertise.

Arrow’s new Lighting Group, launched in January (see news item), was created to help designers, integrators and manufacturers of products containing HB-LEDs.

LED Specialists and Metaphase will join the Arrow Consulting Engineering Services (ACES) program, which helps customers find highly skilled design service firms. Arrow recently signed Designspring, Inc., a design service firm that specializes in LED design, to its ACES program (see news item).

"Being successful in the lighting industry is more than just specifying the LED – it is about how the end product is used," said Robert Sagebiel, director of lighting, Arrow NAC.

"Finding the best LED, the right ballast or LED driver components, optics, heat sinks and final assembly options is critical in developing a real world solution that is both easily manufactured and meets the needs of the customer."

Sagebiel says that a typical scenario would be for a customer to work with an Arrow Regional Lighting Specialist, who would determine their exact needs and engage the correct design partner.

LED Specialists is an engineering services firm specializing in the design and integration of high performance LED lighting solutions. The company's services include requirements analysis and rapid prototyping, optical design, electronic driver design, mechanical design, including thermal management and component manufacturing.

Metaphase addresses customer needs for straightforward lighting solutions using LEDs in non-imaging applications. The company offers expertise in the design of components such as secondary optics for LEDs and fully developed lighting systems. Metaphase’s services include design team consultation, prototyping for design verification and full OEM component and system manufacturing.