LUX-TSI earns UKAS accreditation, Labsphere earns NVLAP accreditation

Jan. 21, 2012
LUX-TSI has earned accreditation from UKAS to test LED and lighting products, while Labsphere has been recognized by NVLAP as a NIST-traceable calibration laboratory.
LUX-TSI earns UKAS accreditation

LUX-TSI, an independent photonics and electronics testing laboratory based in Bridgend, Wales, has achieved accreditation from UKAS to ISO/IEC 17025 to test LED and other lighting products for photometric, electrical energy performance and lumen maintenance.

The company offers a variety of test services, using gonio-photometry/spectroradiometry, thermal (ISTMT), environmental, lifetime (LM80) and reliability measurements as well as testing to the ECA scheme. In addition, LUX-TSI provides electrical safety testing for developers of LED drivers, lamps and modules.

“Our aim is to offer competent, independent, accredited testing services focused on energy-efficient lighting, particularly the new generation of LED lighting products,” said Gareth Jones CEO of LUX-TSI.

“Having accreditation from UKAS as a competent testing laboratory provide a high level of testing competence accessible to lighting companies and LED product developers in the UK and Europe. We aim to provide this high level of accredited testing at pricing competitive with other laboratories which have not undergone such stringent certification.”

“Having successfully achieved this accreditation, we are seeking to extend the scope of our certification during 2012 in areas such as photobiological testing, electrical energy performance and electrical safety,” said David Chan, CTO of LUX-TSI.

The UKAS accreditation is internationally recognized through its membership in the International Laboratory Accreditation Corporation (ILAC).

Labsphere is NVLAP accredited calibration lab

Labsphere, Inc.’s laboratory in North Sutton, NH, has earned accreditation as an NVLAP ISO 17205 calibration laboratory.

The US-based National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) is administered by the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) and provides an unbiased third-party evaluation of testing and certification laboratories.

Peter Weitzman, Labsphere’s senior VP sales/marketing, stated, “Labsphere’s NVLAP accreditation validates its reputation as a world-class provider of NIST-traceable optical calibrations. Customers worldwide relying on high quality Labsphere solutions can be confident that the calibration of those systems has been performed in our accredited ISO 17205 calibration facility.”

NVLAP accreditation signifies that Labsphere operates in accordance with stringent guidelines pertaining to quality systems, engineering expertise, technical personnel, test and calibration methods, laboratory equipment and environment, measurement traceability, and accuracy in test and calibration reports.

Labsphere is accredited to perform calibrations, at specified ranges and uncertainties, covering more than eighty parameters.