Leyard adopts Macroblock drivers LED panels at Beijing Airport

Feb. 4, 2008
Several Leyard LED screens constructed for the Olympic Games use LED drivers from Macroblock.
Beijing Leyard Electronics Technology, a leading manufacturer of LED panels in China, has been selected by the Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) to construct several LED panels at the new Terminal Three (T3), in time for the 2008 Olympic Games.

Beijing Leyard has set up 3 commercial LED panels at the entrances of the departure and arrival hall, and the size of each panel is around 20 square meters.

With the strict requirements for the display quality of the commercial LED panels, Beijing Leyard has adopted Macroblock’s LED drivers-MBI5030 on these panels to provide vivid image and reliable display information to passengers.

T3 will be opened in late February, 2008, and all the construction of the LED panels was completed by the end of December 2007.

Lou Tao, the president of Beijing Leyard, explains, “The T3 project is to construct commercial LED panels. The demand is clear: good display quality to enhance Beijing’s international image with advanced technology."

Lou Tao explained that, to provide vivid video images to passengers, Leyard constructed high resolution commercial LED panels with Macroblock’s MBI5030 16-bit PWM embedded LED drivers.

"Designed with MBI5030, Leyard’s commercial LED panels are able to display billions of colors with improved video fidelity on the LED panels, which also help enhance Leyard’s leading position on the LED display market," he said. "Leyard has developed many successful projects with Macroblock, and this has definitely established our trust on Macroblock’s products and services.”

The MBI5030 is a 16-bit PWM embedded LED driver specifically designed for LED video wall applications. Featuring smart S-PWM technology, the MBI5030 enhances Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) by scrambling the image into several sub-images to increase the visual refresh rate; the MBI5030 also provides 16-bit color depths for better image process and color enrichment of the video display panels.

In addition to the MBI5030, Macroblock provides a more cost-effective MBI5031, featuring 12-bit gray scale control, which supports 4,096 gray scales for each pixel and simplifies the LED system controller in design and cost.