Permlight and Chloride co-develop emergency LED lighting systems

Feb. 3, 2005
Permlight Products has jointly developed an emergency LED lighting system with Chloride Systems based on its patented floor, path of egress and thermal management technology.
Using Permlight's LED Light Engine technology, Chloride Systems, a division of the Genlyte Group*, has developed a complete emergency lighting systems package. This includes LED luminaires, battery back up, and power outage detection circuitry to provide a long life, high output lighting system for architectural applications.

"Permlight has long been a major player in the emergency floor lighting systems used in cinemas and theaters," said Manuel Lynch, president and CEO of Permlight, "but we needed a household name in architectural products to help expand our markets in hospitality and commercial building projects.

Lynch added that his company has been quite impressed by Chloride Systems' ability to integrate Permlight's patented architectures into their portfolio, offering cost-effective and compelling new products to this market.

Permlight's modular Light Engines feature replaceable LED module technology and typically mount to common electrical junction boxes (single gang, 4S or 4O double gang) making the path of adoption in these emergency lighting applications quicker and lower cost than other LED solutions on the market.

Doug Andrews, president of Chloride Systems stated, "Our newly introduced PathMaster product line based on Permlight's patented thermal management technologies allows the lighting designer, architect, and electrical engineer a simple low cost emergency lighting and low level security lighting solution that meets the stringent NFPA codes for illuminating paths of egress.

"Our battery backup systems coupled together with our fault tolerant emergency circuitry work in conjunction with the LED luminaire to provide increased light levels in the event of power loss."

The PathMaster product is a die cast emergency only or normally on luminaire featuring 3 one-watt LEDs mounted in a modular and replaceable housing that can accept a 12VAC, or 12VDC input.

The integral LED driver circuit has three adjustable brightness settings, and also features a power loss detection circuit which increases light output in the luminaire during emergency or power loss. The PathMaster luminaire is UL listed.

* Chloride Systems is a division of the Genlyte Group, which consists of 29 operating divisions manufacturing commercial, industrial, and lighting control products in the United States and Canada.