Strong growth expected for LEDs in displays and illumination

April 19, 2006
Display backlighting and illumination will drive growth in the HB-LED market, and automotive applications will also flourish.
A series of articles from different market research organizations evaluates the potential and challenges for LEDs in illumiantion, backlighting and automotive applications.
Display backlighting and illumination markets drive HB-LED demand The market for high-brightness LEDs is expected to double between 2005 and 2010, and there will be a significant change in the leading applications, according to Bob Steele of Strategies Unlimited.

Solid-state lighting presents challenges for LED and OLED technologies
Solid-state lighting is a viable option for the lighting industry, but a number of hurdles need to be overcome, writes Ashwini Meena of Frost & Sullivan.

LED driver market emphasizes high-power requirements
Demand for LED drivers will grow at an average annual rate of almost 15%, according to Linnea Brush of Darnell Group.

Automotive market presents many opportunities for HB-LEDs
LEDs have very strong market potential in cars, offering improved safety and better design, according to Eric Mounier of Yole Développement.


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