MAGAZINE: LEDs Magazine July/August 2009

July 3, 2009
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Companies meshing abilities for industry growth
At Lightfair 2009, LED companies stressed more cooperation among themselves in an effort to ease industry growing pains, reports Julie MacShane
LED replacement lamp market to see high growth rates, says Strategies Unlimited
Legislation banning inefficient lamps, coupled with customer awareness of the cost-of-ownership analysis, will create a strong demand for LED replacement lamps.

Driver design plays key role in meeting customer demands for LED lighting

LED drivers are critical elements in LED lighting control systems, and require care in their design and selection so that the final product meets customer expectations, writes Tom Shearer of Lutron Electronics.

LED technology brightens backlights as demand from LCD makers ramps up
The market for LED backlighting for LCD panels is now firmly on the strong upward growth trajectory that has been promised for several years, according to market research companies and LCD TV makers, among others. Tim Whitaker reports.
Hybrid control techniques drive different LED applications
The different demands of LED lighting and automotive applications require hybrid control methods to take advantage of the strengths of hysteretic and current-mode control, writes James Patterson of National Semiconductor Corporation.
Talent development playing a key role for LED lighting companies
As the LED lighting industry evolves, spending time and effort to hire the right talent is a vital exercise, says Ted Konnerth, president and CEO of Egret Consulting (based on an interview with Brian Owen).



  • Korea opportunities for Samsung LED and LG Innotek
  • Isamu Akasaki awarded Kyoto Prize for LED work
  • Barco creates giant 360-degree LED screen for U2
  • Labsphere and Orb Optronix in measurement collaboration
  • Yangzi river tunnel lit with LEDs
  • San Jose stimulated to convert streetlights


  • Energy Saving Trust receives first LED lamp submission
  • Obama spends cash on energy efficiency
  • UK report assesses life-cycle sustainability of ultra-efficient lighting