Well-designed LED drivers are no longer the weakest link in the chain (MAGAZINE)

Aug. 20, 2010
When correctly designed, LED drivers deliver strength and value to the entire LED lighting ecosystem, as ARYE SCHREIBER and JOHN DALY explain.
LED power supplies, or drivers, are the great enablers — a little-known, barely-understood yet vital part of the LED lighting value chain. The drivers are crucial in determining how much power will go into the LEDs, whether and how they can be dimmed, whether additional controls and sensors can be added and used, and even how robust the fixture will be and where it can be located. Most importantly perhaps, drivers can give value to the entire LED value chain by being reliable and durable, or destroy the value of the entire LED ecosystem by failing hard and fast.

The great promise of LED lighting comes from the three Es: Economics i.e. saving money; Ergonomics i.e. greater performance, and Efficiency i.e. reducing the energy footprint. In order for LED lighting to deliver on its promise it needs to deliver in each of these three areas, and each of these is in turn facilitated by LED driver technology. Let’s look at each in turn.


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