Illumination Devices granted US patent for LED current regulator technology

July 12, 2016
Solves LED Flicker Problems in Non-Isolated Linear LED Drivers

Illumination Devices, an established innovator and manufacturer of high performance LED light engine technology, has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued US Patent Number 9,338,838 covering a half or quarter-cycle current regulator for non-isolated, line voltage LED ballast circuits.

LEDs are typically specified and regulated with respect to the amount of current required for operation. Unlike conventional loads that require a fixed voltage, LEDs typically require a near-constant current for ideal operation. As such LED light sources that run directly from a commercial alternating current (AC) 120 volt power supply generally require a current-regulated ballast circuit to protect the device from voltage and temperature spikes and eliminate other noise on the AC line.

In contrast, non-isolated linear LED drivers, typically made with a smaller profile, do not generally include the additional bulk and cost of a transformer, inductors, and the electrolytic capacitors necessary to filter the line voltage, resulting in a circuit subject to any noise on incoming power lines.

The technology patented by Illumination Devices solves the problems of LED flicker due to line using a method for utilizing separate current regulation for different segments of an AC line voltage cycle.

“We identified a common manufacturing challenge in the production of non-isolated linear LED drivers that directly impacted their reliability and affordability,” said Josh Niebling, president of Illumination Devices. ”Our patented technology solves this problem, and evidences our commitment to innovative, high-quality lighting solutions.”

About Illumination Devices
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