Iota Engineering's ILB-CP07-2H emergency LED driver delivers two-hour FEMA operation

June 29, 2016
The new ILB-CP07-2H emergency LED driver from IOTA Engineering combines innovative Constant Power performance with an extended 120-minute runtime, creating an ideal solution for 2-hour FEMA tornado safe room requirements. The IOTA ILB-CP07-2H provides 7 watts of constant power to Class 2 10-60VDC LED fixtures and is UL Classified for both field and factory installation. The Constant Power performance of the ILB-CP07-2H ensures that the power supplied to the LED array remains steady at 7 watts, resulting in a consistent level of illumination for the full runtime.

FEMA guidelines for emergency lighting in tornado safe rooms and shelters require a full 120-minute duration for emergency lighting, rather than the typical 90-minute duration dictated by the Life Safety Code for emergency egress applications. Since normal power is likely to be disrupted in such a severe weather event, FEMA guidelines recommend a stand-alone battery-powered system for providing emergency lighting. Because IOTA’s constant power design provides consistent illumination with zero degradation for the entire 120 minutes, it is well-suited for these situations where occupants must remain assembled in one location, offering a safer, less stressful environment than the diminishing light output performance of a constant current emergency driver option.

Additional product features of the ILB-CP07-2H include universal 120-277VAC input, maintenance-free long-life recyclable nickel cadmium battery, rated for use damp location and enclosed and gasketed fixtures, and covered by a full five-year warranty.


Jeff Price, Director of Sales and Product Innovation - Iota Engineering
+1 (520) 609-1181