LED driver and power supplier Lynxus Technologies Corp joins the ZigBee Alliance

June 28, 2016
Las Vegas, Nevada – Lynxus Technologies Corp. (d/b/a Magtech), an LED driver/power supply manufacturer, has announced its membership in the ZigBee Alliance – a non-profit association of organizations creating open, global standards that define the foundation for the Internet of Things (IoT) used in consumer, commercial and industrial applications. Magtech joins the Alliance as an Adopter member.

With its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada and manufacturing locations both in Taiwan and China, Magtech specializes in switch-mode power supply design and manufacturing. Product designs ranged from 3W – 240W with multiple function control features.

“We're the place to start when looking for wireless enterprise lighting solutions with ZigBee-ready LED drivers, stud-mount and linear ballast enclosures, as well as ZigBee end-node adaptors that are ZigBee compatible and ready to deploy,” said Gail Wang, president of Magtech Industries. “Our products are helping to drive the Internet of Things [IoT] for the enterprise, and we look forward to collaborating with fellow members on products that work better together across many different applications.”

Shared by more than 400 member companies and other leading industry standards bodies, the ZigBee Alliance’s mission is to create, maintain and deliver the highest performing specifications, standards and solutions for the wireless IoT. The widespread availability of ZigBee-certified devices gives developers and users more flexibility to choose products they know will work with each other. The Alliance simplifies IoT product development and deployment, reduces industry confusion through the availability of a consolidated set of open application device definitions, and helps members bring the benefits and capabilities of connected IoT devices to a significantly broader range of applications and markets.

Benefits of joining the Alliance include collaborating with thought leaders and other compelling companies during ZigBee Alliance member meetings held throughout the year at various points on the globe. In addition, each month more than 80 ZigBee Alliance working group calls take place – gathering input from companies based in 37 countries to drive foundational development for the Internet of Things.

“The collective pool of talent, experience and innovation that comprises our member base is truly astounding,” said Tobin Richardson, president and CEO of the ZigBee Alliance. “Magtech is the newest addition to the ZigBee Alliance family, and we welcome them to the quickly growing ecosystem that simplifies IoT connections and interoperability for consumers.”

To become part of the global smart movement, join hundreds of companies steering the evolution of the Internet of Things. Learn more about the ZigBee Alliance and membership opportunities at www.ZigBee.org.

About Magtech Industries Corporation/Lynxus Technologies Corp.
Lynxus Technologies Corporation is a subsidiary of Magtech Industries –a U.S.-based company dedicated exclusively to the design, manufacture, and distribution of high quality, switchmode power supplies. The organization currently operates from its 20,000- sq. ft. facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, with much of its manufacturing capabilities being handled overseas. From its headquarters in Las Vegas Nevada, Magtech provides its customers the highest level of quality and support with its in-house Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Quality Assurance, and Customer Support groups. Our highly talented and skilled production team proudly handles the product assembly, custom OEM modifications, and all QC/testing that includes a 100% product "burn-in" at full load. With our commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction, Magtech Industries Corporation is prepared for rapid expansion in the coming years.

ZigBee: Control Your World
The ZigBee Alliance creates, maintains and delivers open, global wireless standards that enable everyday objects to work together and to control your world in the Internet of Things (IoT). An open, non-profit ecosystem of more than 400 companies representing 37 countries, the Alliance is developing and promoting the world’s leading IoT standards across a wide range of consumer, commercial and industrial monitoring and control applications.


Michael Kuo - Magtech Industries Corporation