Thomas Research Products launches programmable 55W LED drivers

Jan. 13, 2016
Thomas Research Products is excited to introduce two new high performing 55W programmable LED drivers. These models offer unique performance features: a hybrid model includes both Rset and GUI programming, and a T5 model includes Rset programming with built-in step-dimming. Thomas Research Products manufactures SSL power solutions.

The key advantage of the LED55WPG1 constant-current driver is hybrid programming. For simple programming with no computer workstation required, plug in the appropriate resistor. Or for more advanced control, programming software interfaces with the driver through USB. Output current is selectable from 100mA to 1500mA. The driver includes 0-10V dimming, which can be disabled via the GUI programming option. This design also provides an auxiliary 12V output. Configuring either way can be done on the production line. It offers OEMs a flexible, easy way to reduce complex parts inventory.

The LED55WT5PR1 constant-current driver also utilizes simple Rset programming. Along with standard 0-10V dimming, this model includes built-in step-dimming capability. Output current is selectable from 100mA to 1500mA. This new driver is packaged in a long form factor matching T5 fluorescent ballasts, sized to fit in low profile luminaires. The unit is perfect for energy-saving upgrades.

TRP's new drivers feature universal 120-277V input and flicker-free output. They are Class 2 UL Recognized with Type TL certification for US and Canada. Both models include voltage foldback to maintain power limits. The housings are rated for indoor use in damp locations. Both models are backed by the company's standard 5 year warranty.

All LED drivers from TRP offer high quality, long life, high efficiency and are cost-competitive. Information is available on the company's website. Availability of the LED55WPG1 and LED55WT5PR1 begins during 1Q2016.


Thomas Research Products