Norlux 'warm dimming' technologies for LED light engines will be demonstrated at LightFair

April 21, 2015
Elgin, Illinois -- Norlux has introduced two new "Warm Dimming" technologies for LED light engines. Both DC systems offer unique advantages to lighting OEMs, and are available for use on a variety of LED light engines that the company designs. Norlux is a leading North American LED systems integrator with a history of strength in both design and manufacturing. Norlux's first Warm Dimming system is patent-pending and includes a module on the light engine itself. This allows the board to be powered by a standard DC-output constant-current driver. The light engine includes LED chips with both cooler and warmer CCTs. Custom Norlux LED light engines can include a variety of CCT ranges for dimming. The second system is a driver-based solution for luminaires under 25W. The design can include pc-Amber LED chips or low CCT white LED chips, for broader dimming spectral power distribution (SPD). Color stability and efficacy are unaffected at >70% phase angle, as dictated by higher CCT LEDs. When controlled with a forward-phase line-voltage dimmer, both designs follow an incandescent dimming curve in a more natural way than competing systems. The technology is perfect for retail, hospitality and commercial applications as well as residential uses. The company will demonstrate Warm Dimming technology at LightFair, booth 3247. It is available to OEM customers now. Norlux is proud to design and manufacture solid state lighting solutions in the USA. About Thomas Research Products and NorluxThomas Research Products (founded 1997) provides complete OEM component solutions for solid state lighting in indoor and outdoor applications. Products include high-performing LED drivers, LED light engines and modules, surge protectors, and energy-saving lighting controls including occupancy/vacancy sensors and daylight harvesting controls. Norlux (founded 2000) provides electronic, optical and thermal design services and manufacturing for custom light engines and related products. Norlux exceeds customer expectations in turn-around time and flexibility. Manufacturing in the USA. "SSL Solutions Faster Than The Speed Of Light" is a registered trademark. Thomas Research Products and Norlux are located at 1215-1225 Bowes Rd., IL 60123 USA. © 2015 Thomas Research Products and Norlux. All rights reserved.



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