Ledtech Electronics develops driver-on-board LED light engine component

Jan. 15, 2015
As a leading supplier of LED low temperature lighting and COB (chip-on-board) components, Ledtech Electronics has applied its advanced technology in high wattage COB modules and develops a brand new ceramic based driver on board light engine module which is far way different from existing SMD type DOB modules. Ledtech’s new design on DOB could better make use of the efficiency from each chip and at the same time save the cost and space wasted on the PC board. This design could provide professional commercial and home lighting fixtures a better solution to bring out a higher efficiency within limited space without causing light spots or asymmetric viewing angle issues like traditional DOB modules.

Ledtech’s ceramic based DOB series is not only better in design of viewing angle and efficiency but we also put a lot of efforts in protection devices of LED to make sure our partners to get the most reliable products. With 200-240VAC direct input, Ledtech’s DOB features in protection devices from soft start, OVP (over voltage protection), to heat compensation, making certain the LED chips inside cool and safe.

Besides, the standard dimension of Zhaga has also been adopted by Ledtech DOB series. From settings at diameter 40mm (Book 11), 50mm (Book 3) to 75mm (Book 10) of our circle shape PCB, we could work easily with big names in the LED lighting industry, allowing customers to change light source in fixtures as easy as if changing a light bulb. Ledtech has shown their great ambition by dauntlessly competing with industry giants to provide premium light sources and fight for a higher market share in LED component.

Ledtech and its subsidiary Energyled attended the great LED EXPO in New Delhi last December and demonstrated the brand new premium DOB module on site. Many of the international and local distributors and agents were extremely keen to get the price and excited about this new module released in the market.

Ledtech’s premium DOB light engine could provide lighting output from 3W to 45W with 90lm/W, PF>0.9, CRI >85 and all these features allow the most popular home lighting products like bulbs, track lights, down lights and bay lights the compatibility with some authentic and well-designed light fixtures with limited space.


Dante Huang, Export Sales Department - LEDTECH Electronics Corp. (Taiwan)
+886-2-2218-6891 Ext. 1737
Energyled Website: http://www.energyled.com.tw for LED luminaires

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