Solid Apollo LED introduces SlimDMX wall controller for programming DMX-enabled LED lighting

Jan. 7, 2015
LED lighting company, Solid Apollo LED, introduces the new SlimDMX 512 Wall Controller, for simple control of any DMX enabled LED lighting fixture. The SlimDMX has been created as a contemporary wall mount design with uncluttered front mount buttons, and the internal memory can store up to 10 different lighting programs created using the included software.

The SlimDMX is perfect for interfacing with any DMX enabled LED lighting fixture, such as LED wall washers, flood lights, or color changing LED strip lights and includes simple buttons for easy control. Select from one of 10 programs, or change the brightness or speed of the program currently playing. Easily program colors, transitions and effects on any LED lighting fixture. A variety of color effects, color chases and dimming can be programed, or play effects based on external sensors such as movement detectors. Schedules can also be created to control the LED lighting fixtures year round. The included DMX 512 software and cables make creating and loading lighting programs easier than ever before.

Current DMX controllers have grown in complexity in recent years and are extremely expensive to purchase and difficult to learn and use. Most DMX controllers are unattractive and have been created without much thought for the contemporary designs they are used in. “As more architectural designs require complex DMX control systems, a need for a more modern and pleasing wall controller became evident” stated Manuel Barquin, CEO of Solid Apollo LED.

Compared to most DMX Controllers, the SlimDMX has a modern gloss white surface and the design is simple without trying to standout. The buttons are finished in a light grey color and offer a high quality feel. The program display has also been created to be subtle while displaying only the necessary information of the current program being played. The lightweight design is perfect for mounting in a variety of locations and on a wide range of surfaces as a traditional gang box is not required for mounting.

The SlimDMX 512 Wall Controller is the modern alternative for controlling small and intricate, to large and complex DMX controlled LED lighting fixtures.

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Michael Horton - Solid Apollo LED

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