COMMENTARY | Back to our roots

March 27, 2024
CARRIE MEADOWS reveals what's next for LEDs Magazine in the changing landscape of B2B media.

Earlier this year, I wrote to you, our readers, about the technology developments, commercialization challenges, and milestones that LEDs Magazine has covered in the 20 years since its launch. In that column, I was referring to the engineering advances, ecosystems, and use cases that have been enabled by progress in LED technology, systems development, and research put into practice.

Still, much the same can be said of our approach to contributing to a professional knowledge base, chronicling the drivers and shifting priorities toward sustainable LED and lighting businesses. As we’ve documented before, LEDs Magazine was launched in 2004 as a digital-only brand with a website and email newsletter to deliver content straight to readers. Magazine publication came later to serve as a collection of “featured” information.

Over the years, we have experimented with website, magazine, and newsletter styles designed to serve the changing inclinations and needs of users as web technology and media formats have advanced. LEDs Magazine recognizes the different roles and responsibilities that our audience represents. We also appreciate that your time and preferences in engaging with information are both valuable and varied. With the advent of granular analytics tools, we have also observed shifting audience demographics that indicate areas where we can better serve and where more readers are spending their time. As a result, this year we will return to our roots with our website and e-mail newsletters being our primary content vehicles. We plan to capitalize on the agility of these delivery methods — so March/April will be our last scheduled issue of LEDs Magazine.

While we will discontinue magazine distribution, we look forward to the many exciting opportunities that lie ahead to serve our professional audience. We will focus on connecting you with engaging, educational, and thought-provoking content across multiple platforms and media types. We will also continue to work closely with our colleagues across Endeavor Business Media groups to collaborate and distribute relevant “cross-pollinating” content.

Although I can’t reveal details now, we have plans underway to integrate new partnerships into our content; to deliver continuing education and thought leadership across several channels, both live and on demand; to cultivate more regional and demographic insights on trends and opportunities; and to develop leading multimedia content that sparks discussion while entertaining and informing our audience.

We remain committed to bringing you market-leading information that explores the role of LEDs in various sectors and applications, standards and practical guidance, solutions to technical issues, and business strategies for moving LED and lighting markets forward. To ensure that you continue to receive the latest information, please subscribe to our e-newsletters and register on our website to gain access to everything that LEDs Magazine has to offer now and in the future.

CARRIE MEADOWS is editor-in-chief of LEDs Magazine, with 20-plus years’ experience in business-to-business publishing across technology markets including solid-state technology manufacturing, fiberoptic communications, machine vision, lasers and photonics, and LEDs and lighting.

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