LEDs Magazine 40 Under 40 Profile: Jordon Musser

July 24, 2020
As senior director of LED products and technology at Flex Lighting Solutions, Jordon Musser looks to increase operational efficiencies of solid-state lighting (SSL) end products.

After stints in aerospace/defense and motorsports, Jordon Musser moved into LED development as employee No. 2 at Flex Lighting Solutions. He began his lighting career with the development of a patented solid-state cooling device that allowed Flex to cool a 4×4-in. LED array that generated 100,000 lm inexpensively an industry first.

Musser has pioneered applying patented advanced thermal solutions to create LED high bays that can match the light output of traditional sources in the same size. After launching the HiOptix LED high bay with Flex, he designed the first LED high bay (the Essentials Series 3.0) capable of thermal management that allowed the use of mid-power LEDs reliably in industrial applications, significantly reducing costs and increasing efficiency in that space.

His next product was the dual award-winning and Sapphire Awards 2018 finalist, the Essentials Series 4.0. Musser re-engineered the thermal design, allowing the LED fixture to operate at full performance under 65°C ambient temperatures, and included rotatable LED modules, a feature that makes the LED high bay more versatile and adaptable to multiple conditions and requirements.

Musser holds multiple patents in LED design, and is part of an IES working group that recently created a document to help predict the reliability of end products (soon to be released). His primary daily contributions are leading R&D in general illumination, horticulture, and ultraviolet (UV) applications by architecting the baseline for new products.

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