LEDs Magazine 40 Under 40 Profile: Kory Liszt

July 24, 2020
Software engineering manager Kory Liszt is having a record year due to his work on Cree Lighting's Cadiant product, which won a technology Sapphire Award and earned him Illumineer of the Year accolades as well.

The Cadiant product from Cree Lighting is one of the truly transformational solid-state lighting (SSL) products on the market. Designed to look like a skylight recessed in the ceiling, the luminaire brings the daytime experience indoors through tunable SPD as well as spatial tuning, mimicking sun position and angle, and reflections.

Kory Liszt was one of the leaders on the Cadiant product development team and was co-winner of our Sapphire Illumineer of the Year award back in February alongside Bob Rogers. The Cadiant product also won Sapphire in the Lighting for Health and Wellbeing category and we have an interview with Liszt and Rogers in the July/August issue.

Liszt has a background in hardware development for communication systems including US Department of Defense work. He began at Cree Lighting working on connected lighting but ultimately moved into the software role, and it is the software that enables the natural light experience with the team even debating fine details such as whether a person under such light should experience morning light from the east, or perhaps from the west because it would mostly be reflected from the side panels in an actual skylight.

Liszt earned an electrical engineering degree from Western Kentucky University and volunteers through his church during his spare time.

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