Cree Lighting combines smart controls and dynamic, simulated natural light with Cadiant

May 10, 2019
Cree Lighting’s innovative Cadiant™ dynamic skylight is a standalone system that creates the sensation of natural light and a sunlit sky via a virtual skylight experience. Cadiant™ uses SmartCast® Technology advanced lighting controls and color-changing technology to simulate the natural dawn to dusk, east/west arc of the sun, providing a valuable sensory connection to the outdoors for people in spaces without access to natural daylight.

An intuitive wall-mounted touchscreen with a clean graphic interface gives users fingertip control over multiple Cadiant™ dynamic skylights with both automatic presets and manual control for a complete human-centric lighting experience.

Link: To view a video and learn more, text Cadiant to 31996.

Visit Cree Lighting in Booth #2119 at LightFair International in Philadelphia, PA.


Jamie Palmeroni-Lavis
McDougall Communications