Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

June 13, 2005
Updated January 2006


White-light LED home lighting systems provide great benefits for India's remote tribal villages (Dec 05)
White LED lighting fixtures powered by solar panels are having a huge impact on very poor villagers in the remote regions of Andhra Pradesh, India.

SolarOne announces first order for solar LED lighting
Several orders have been received by SolarOne Solutions for its SOLED area lighting product that combines LEDs and solar power.

Nomads & Nano-Materials: combining LEDs with textiles
A series of Portable Light prototype designs combine Mesoamerican weaving traditions and solid-state electronics.

The case for solar-powered LED lighting
Rapid developments in solar cells, LED lighting and energy storage are creating great opportunities for solar-powered solid-state lighting, says Moneer Azzam of SolarOne Solutions.

LEDs offer alternative to polluting, fuel-based lighting
A paper published in Science proposes that solar-powered white LEDs offer an attractive to fuel-based light sources in developing regions.

Selected Features

Solid-state lighting gets smarter, more energy efficient
Smart solid-state lighting could have benefits in such diverse fields as medicine, transportation, communications, imaging, and agriculture, according to a paper in Science.