Lumileds introduces white Rebel with 100-lumen minimum flux

July 12, 2007
Newly available version of cool white Luxeon Rebel LEDs from Lumileds have minimum flux levels of 90 lm and 100 lm, measured at 350 mA.
Philips Lumileds has announced that Luxeon Rebel cool-white LEDs delivering minimum flux levels of 90 lumens or 100 lumens are now available "for immediate delivery" via Future Lighting Solutions.

A visit to the Future website shows that individual minimum 90 lumen (min 90) and min 100 parts can be purchased at a price of $4.95 or $6.60, respectively. The price is about 30% lower when purchasing reels of 250 devices.

The min 90 and min 100 parts are the latest flux bins added to the Rebel portfolio, which includes min 40, 50, 70 and 80 parts. The Luxeon Rebel was introduced in March 2007 and Lumileds says that it has already sold more than 1 million units.

Each of these Luxeon Rebel LEDs incorporates the company's new Thin Film Flip Chip (TFFC) technology, which allows light output to be maximized (see separate news item).

"Customers sampling the minimum 90 lumen and minimum 100 lumen parts over the last few months are convinced that Luxeon Rebel's performance will enable new product opportunities; and we are certain that these parts will deliver substantial new design activity," said David Eastley, Product Manager.

"Luxeon Rebel has been extremely well received by the lighting community because of its small size, performance and value it delivers. No product is easier to work with," added Eastley.

Lumileds says that its process of creating product and part numbers based on flux performance greatly simplifies the product selection process for lighting engineers and designers who may not be familiar with the flux binning methods that semiconductor companies use to differentiate LEDs.