High Reflector
High Reflector
High reflectors, or simply, mirrors, reflect incident light. In some cases, mirrors perform this function over a very broad wavelength range, and in some instances, they operate at just a single wavelength (e.g. for lasers). They are generally distinguished from other wavelength selective coatings in that there is little or no concern about what happens with the light outside of the intended high reflectance band.
There are two basic types of thin film mirrors. The simplest utilize a coating of a metallic material that is inherently reflective over the desired wavelength range. The second is based on multilayer dielectric coatings that utilize the same optical interference principles as other thin film coatings. There are also hybrid coatings that incorporate a dielectric stack on top of a metallic coating.
DSI High Reflector Advantages:
-Can be applied to glass, plastics and metal
-High reflectance/low loss
-Custom wavelength ranges
-Exceptional durability

DSI High Reflector Applications:
-Laser systems
-Illumination optics
-Imaging systems
-Ranging and targeting
-Beam shaping optics
-Telecommunication systems

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