Narrow Bandpass Filter
Narrow Bandpass Filter
DSI has extensive experience designing and manufacturing bandpass coatings for use at wavelengths ranging from the ultraviolet through the long-wave infrared. These include broad bandpass, narrow bandpass and even dual (or multi-wavelength) bandpass designs. DSI bandpass filters are characterized by high in-band transmission, strong out of band blocking and immunity to shifts due to changing humidity. DSI utilizes both evaporative and MicroDyn® sputtering methods for the fabrication of bandpass filters. That enables us to tailor coating performance, cost and durability to meet your particular performance specifications and budget.
DSI Bandpass Filter Advantages:
-High in-band transmission
-Sharp cut-on cut-off slopes
-Excellent out-of-band blocking
-No wet/dry wavelength shift
-Extremely small thermal shift
DSI Bandpass Filter Applications:
-Laser systems
-Spectroscopy and fluorescence imaging
-Military imaging, target designation and countermeasures
-Digital cinema
-Medical imaging

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