CU Phosco Lighting Welcomes Matthew Marques as Technical Director and Adds Sixth Family Member to Board of Directors

Oct. 4, 2023
Marques is appointed technical director of the U.K.-based outdoor lighting company and joins board.

CU Phosco Lighting, the largest UK designer and manufacturer of outdoor lighting equipment, is delighted to announce the appointment of Matthew Marques as the company's new Technical Director. In addition to this significant milestone, CU Phosco Lighting is proud to welcome Matthew Marques as the sixth family member to join the company's esteemed Board of Directors.

Matthew Marques brings with him an impressive background in Civil/Structural Engineering spanning over three decades, with a diverse range of experience across various industries, including rail, offshore oil and gas, and offshore wind. His wealth of expertise positions him to play a pivotal role in elevating CU Phosco Lighting's capabilities and driving innovation in the lighting technology sector.

Throughout his career, Matthew has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership and support for groundbreaking projects, ensuring they adhere to the highest industry standards. His profound knowledge of engineering principles and extensive experience in critical sectors align seamlessly with CU Phosco Lighting's mission to deliver cutting-edge lighting and high mast solutions.

Nicholas Marques, Managing Director of CU Phosco Lighting and Matthew's cousin, expressed his enthusiasm about the appointment, stating, "We are absolutely delighted to welcome Matthew Marques to our team as our new Technical Director. CU Phosco Lighting has always been a family business; we're therefore thrilled to add a sixth family member to our board. Matthew's impressive career and wealth of experience will be invaluable in driving our research and development efforts forward. As we continue to innovate and pioneer new lighting technologies, I know that Matthew's guidance and leadership will be instrumental in us achieving our goals."

In response to his appointment, Matthew Marques conveyed his excitement about joining CU Phosco Lighting, saying, "I am honoured to become a part of the CU Phosco Lighting senior management team and excited to join the legacy that other family members have built. One hundred years in the lighting industry is a remarkable track record, and I am eager to contribute my expertise to further elevate their technological advancements. Together, I believe we can accomplish great things."

Matthew Marques officially commenced his role as Technical Director at CU Phosco Lighting on Monday, September 18th. In this capacity, he will collaborate closely with the existing technical team to push the boundaries of innovation and develop groundbreaking lighting solutions for a sustainable future.

CU Phosco Lighting extends a warm welcome to Matthew Marques and anticipates a prosperous collaboration that will continue to shape the future of lighting technology within the business.

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About CU Phosco CU Phosco Lighting is the largest UK designer and manufacturer of outdoor lighting equipment.  We have three factories manufacturing our products in the UK and a Joint Venture in Beijing, China. 

CU Phosco Lighting exports worldwide and is a leader in high mast lighting.

Among the products we manufacture are street lighting columns and luminaires, floodlights, LED lighting, wind turbine towers, monopoles, mobile telecom poles and sports lighting.  We also have a contract division which installs and maintains our more complicated products.