Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting’s New 1050 Linear LED Floodlight Series Provides Vibrant, Consistent Illumination in Challenging Environments

March 16, 2023

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. (Feb. 13, 2023) — Finding the right architectural fixture to uniformly illuminate indoor or outdoor signs and building facades can be difficult, particularly on sites infiltrated by nearby ambient light. Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting designed its new 1050 Linear LED Floodlight Series to answer this challenge by offering more lumens per foot for better light quality, cost efficiency and performance.

“Designers want a lighting fixture that looks great, performs well and withstands harsh conditions,” said Glenn Tyson, director of engineering for Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting. “Our new 1050 Linear LED Floodlight Series blends elegant design with rugged durability and unique features. The result is a line of attractive fixtures with outstanding performance for signage, wall washing and wall grazing, as well as asymmetric, flood and wayfinding applications.”

The 1050 Linear Series consists of three models available in different nominal lengths: the 1051 (one foot), 1052 (two feet) and 1054 (four feet), and two power levels (A and B). Each model offers 1,200 to 1,845 lumens per foot (A power) or 1,200 to 2,100 lumens per foot (B power). Designers can choose from five different lighting distribution patterns—Wall Wash (WW), Wall Grazing (WG), Narrow (NS), Medium Flood (MF) and Wide Flood (WF)—all providing uniform illumination with a more customized effect. Three dimming modes add to the 1050 Series’ versatility in various environments. Available color temperatures include 2700°K, 3000°K, 3500°K, 4000°K or 5000°K static white. Fully sealed optic housings protect inner components from the elements.

Three mounting options—Knuckle Mount, Yoke Mount and Wall Mount—provide additional flexibility for a wide range of applications. The Kunckle Mount and Yoke Mount are both made from extruded/die-cast aluminum, with the former featuring a patented infinity knuckle, and the latter offering an outdoor-rated cable for electrical connections. Designed for mounting over a 4-0 junction box, the Wall Mount is constructed from die-cast aluminum and articulates 15° up or down for precise aiming.

“Our 1050 Linear Series is designed for easy installation and tested for excellent durability in both indoor and outdoor environments,” Tyson said. “And, because these linear floodlights produce bold, vibrant, uniform illumination with higher lumens, it’s often possible to use fewer fixtures on a project, resulting in better lighting quality with less money spent on labor and materials.”

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