1. What is Dialux

Dialux Photometric Design is world-class software can help you to plan / calculate / visualize lighting for your project.

Some important datas to consider as floor plan, quantity of poles, lux requirements for the area, acceptable glare rate, uniformity of the light. After reviewing the plans, lighting designers and engineers start as per IES standards, which enables calculations of indoor, outdoor lightings in different appliactions.

2. Longer distance or shorter distance

The beam angles would be different.

3. What you can tell from the Dialux Drawing

Well-designed lighting, should balance amount of lights, uniformity, luminous flux, and glare levels, as well as installation height.

Illuminance is measured in lux and 1 lux is the amount of light that strikes a one square meter surface when you shine 1 lumen from 1 meter distance.

Lighting specifications show visually how the color and intensity of lighting will appear once installed.

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