Lumenpulse Introduces Lumenblade, a New Family of Linear Area Lighting

Oct. 13, 2020

Lumenpulse, a leading pure-play, specification-grade LED lighting solutions provider, has launched the Lumenblade family: a collection of contemporary classic rectilinear area, urban, and professional landscape luminaires that provide a continuous line of light.

Lumenblade luminaires are built around Lumenpulse's Lumencentro optical system. The new rectilinear form of the light engine creates a continuous line of light that supports the geometric language of poles and integrated accessories, as well as a multitude of contemporary and heritage architecture and environments.

"We set out to design a classic form of urban furniture in tune with Lumenpulse's design philosophy," said Samuel Landry, Area Lighting Product Design Manager. "We wanted to enhance the luminaire's environmental design and intelligence to be attuned to the world around it, while also protecting the natural elements and making urban areas more secure. The Lumenblade's sustainable features cut down on environmental impact and consumption costs and do not sacrifice safety or quality of light."

With no upward light leaks (U0 rating), an integrated backlight shield, as well as Dark Sky compliant optics and colour temperatures, the Lumenblade's light is focused with precise control of light distributions and conserves the integrity of the surrounding nighttime environment. An integrated motion detector is programmable, allowing decreased energy consumption, protection of the surrounding natural life, and dependable safety to passersby.

Available in two formats, Small and Medium, multiple lengths, a CRI 80+ option, and over 20,000 lumens, the Lumenblade family delivers a consistent performance, an outstanding quality of light, enhancing contrasts and greatly increase object identification.

Please consult the Lumenblade product pages for performance data, IES photometric files, and specification sheets.