Lucent Lighting Illuminates Metropolitan Fine Dining at DAV Restaurant, Allianz Tower, Milan

March 24, 2023

DAV Restaurant in Allianz Tower, Milan

Designed by architects Andrea Maffei and Arata Isozaki, the Allianz Tower in Milan is the tallest building in Italy. This 50-floor tower is part of the Citylife complex of skyscrapers and residences. The first floor of this remarkable tower is the host of the Da Vittorio restaurant in the new DAV formula, designed for a younger and more metropolitan audience. This fine dining experience hosts a reception cocktail bar, a main restaurant area, and an external terrace overlooking the square and the two surrounding towers.

The key aim of the lighting is to amplify the appearance of the Michelin Star venue, creating a stylish yet comfortable atmosphere which complements the stunning surrounding views. Architect Andrea Maffei worked with lighting designer Studio Voltaire to achieve this design concept. Studio Voltaire collaborated with Arkilux, who specified Lucent Lighting’s Gimbal product range for this project.

All the architectural spaces have been designed with the same finishes so as not to separate the rooms, but to give the impression of ​​a single fluid space that follows the customer up to the table. The lighting from above emphasises the geometric shadows and reflections of the wooden panel pyramids, creating an interesting effect on the walls.

The ceiling design follows the façade fixtures with long, grey wooden slats. The slats are doubled where the adjustable spotlights are placed, to create concentrated lighting on the tables. Lucent’s Gimbal downlights have a fully directional head which is adjustable to 35 degrees with tapered anti-glare and minimal overlap trim for finished ceilings, to blend seamlessly into the design. The lighting is focused on the walls and tables to create a softer and more metropolitan setting, highlighting what is on display rather than creating a uniform effect throughout the room. The Gimbal downlights allow the design to highlight the tables without producing any glare or light spillage onto guests, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Lighting also accentuates the focus of the bar area, backlighting sophisticated bottles of champagne and illuminating the seating area to encourage guests to approach. This cool light is in contrast to the warm façade and dining lighting, to capture the smooth surfaces of the bar.

Minimal fixtures on the terrace work with the natural light to transform from vibrant daytime dining surrounded by greenery to a sophisticated ambience during the evening for cocktails and a stunning view of Milan.

Piero Comparotto, Managing Director at Arkilux, said: “When Studio Voltaire approached us with the lighting design for this project, we immediately knew that Lucent Lighting products could fit the brief as well as exceed expectations. The Gimbal range features elegant downlights which blend effortlessly into ceilings, for a subtle lighting solution which has a big impact. Lucent provided the ultimate solution of trimless lighting which fits into the aesthetic as well as creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests both inside and out to enjoy the fine dining, stunning interiors, and incredible backdrop of Milan.

We are delighted to have worked with Lucent on this project thanks to Studio Voltaire and Andrea Maffei Architects.”

Project credits: 

Location: Milan 

Client: Allianz

Architect: Andrea Maffei

Architects Lighting Designer: Voltaire Lighting Design

Lighting: Lucent Lighting distributed in Italy by Arkilux

Lucent Lighting:

Over the last 30 years working closely with the professional lighting design community Lucent has established itself as one of the foremost performance architectural lighting manufacturers in the World.

With offices in London and New York and supported by a specialist distributor and agency network in over 40 countries worldwide Lucent is ideally placed to be your global lighting partner.

Traditionally Lucent specialised in the design and manufacture of architectural downlights but recently have diversified into other sectors with outdoor, spotlights, linear profiles, surface, pendant and in wall fixtures now available.