Steam Room & Sauna Downlights

Sept. 23, 2021

Designplan Lighting, Inc. offers vandal resistant, wet label downlights in 3 designs and linear fixtures for steam rooms and saunas.

R, Q and RX series downlights from Designplan Lighting, Inc are vandal resistant, wet label (IP65- tested to 60°C or 90°C room ambient) fixtures offered in versions that are suitable for steam rooms and saunas. The R series is a round downlight, the Q series is a square downlight and the RX offers a criss cross cover plate.

All three versions of the steam room and sauna fixtures are constructed in a 20 Ga. cold rolled steel with a black powdercoat finish. The neck and plate are made of die cast aluminum with 3/16” polycarbonate lens.

The RSR, QSR and RXR are all suitable for steam rooms, offering 26W static white light in 4 color temperatures and 2 optics options, as well as 5 standard and 4 marine grade finishes. They use a remote 1050mA power supply. The delivered lumens of the 3000K version is 2,342 lm with CRI >80.

The RHR, QHR and RXH are halogen downlights suitable for steam rooms and saunas that use a 35/39W PAR20 Halogen or 50W PAR30 Halogen lamp (by others) with 5 standard and 4 marine grade finishes. It has an integral (120VAC) power supply and offers CRI 100.

These downlights are all IC and Chicago Plenum rated and made in the U.S.A.