SUPERLINEA Lenses for Mid Power LEDs
SUPERLINEA Lenses for Mid Power LEDs
Made of optical grade PMMA; -40°C ~ 80°C temperature resistant. Available in 5 optical beams: 30°, 60°, 90°, 20° FWHM Asymmetrical, ±20° FWHM Asymmetrical.
Offer easy installation both individually and in continuous rows made of multiple parts. They are optimized for most popular Zhaga mid-power 20 and 24 mm wide PCBs.
Excellent for narrow width luminaire designs, in architectural and decorative applications.
SUPERLINEA are LINEAR TIR LENSES - 40mm x 284mm - manufactured by high precision injection moulding process, not by extrusion process.
Perform uniform and homogeneous light flux and great lighting efficiency, up to 89%. The special surface texture helps glare reduction. Excellent in indoor applications such as in hall, office, industrial and commercial lighting.
The snap-in version allows easy fixing thanks to the side snap fit fixing.
Snap-in and traditional versions of SUPERLINEA are provided with clips enabling a direct assembly onto the application profiles. Extruded aluminum profiles and plastic plugs to close the end part of the assembled construction are available on request.

Dimensions: 40mm (w) x 284mm (l) x 5mm (h) → allows electrical components
Zhaga Book – 7 compatibility
Fit for creating continuous linear lighting strips of desired length
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