Aurora Lighting Creates An Enlightening Commercial Environment At Victoria House

Sept. 14, 2023
Open-plan accommodations in commercial complex required smart functions to complement daylighting alongside a clean look.

Victoria House, prominently located on Newcastle Business Park, is a stunning commercial complex which offers wonderful work-life balance through both office and communal areas. The modern, flexible, open plan accommodation features new suspended ceilings and a statement entrance lobby in attractive landscaped surroundings with a riverside view.

Aurora Lighting was selected to provide the luminaires for this project due to its vast range of superior lighting products and market-leading ranges. Aurora products were provided by wholesaler Rexel Wigan and used throughout various locations, including the communal areas, reception, stair core and external lighting.

The project entailed a complete refurbishment and fit-out of the existing open plan office and communal areas to improve the aesthetics, enhance lighting, and to meet regulation CIBSE LG7. As part of creating a modern yet luxurious environment for this commercial space, the client requested a smart reception area to welcome guests and set the tone upon entering the building.

Aurora Lighting selected simple luminaires to seamlessly blend into the design, creating a sleek and clean aesthetic. The luminaires are also implemented with smart daylight dimming DALI panels and Hytronik controls to allow the end user to control the lighting levels to meet various needs within the space. This will also ensure that the building saves on energy consumption and costs by utilising natural daylight where possible and responding to this with appropriate lighting where needed.

The wide range of solutions from Aurora Lighting achieved the desired effect in each area of the commercial space, blending sleek and subtle aesthetics with innovative control and smart solutions. The upgraded lighting design combined with the lighting solutions has exceeded the expectations of the client, promoting functionality, comfort and modernity.

Kieran Pyke, Project Manager at Jennor UK Limited, said: We are incredibly pleased with the overall design, quality of luminaires and general lighting provided by Aurora Lighting. Aurora was able to provide a wide range of technologically advanced lighting solutions that perfectly meet the requirements of the project and go above and beyond to provide an innovative, energy saving solution. The result is modern, luxurious, and matches the sleek aesthetic the client desired.”

Darryl Moulson, Area Sales Manager for Aurora Lighting, commented: “It’s important that offices upgrade their inefficient lighting solutions to create an up-to-date aesthetic, a positive environment for their teams, and ensure energy efficiencies for now and the future. We are proud that our solutions can deliver benefits such as these for commercial companies.”

Aurora Lighting 

Aurora Lighting, a specialist designer and manufacturer of LED lighting for the trade market. Aurora Lighting has an incredible product portfolio suitable for the lighting industry. Focusing purely on the UK, Aurora can meet the specific needs of the local market.

This has been made possible thanks to the recent acquisition of Aurora by the Galaed Group, which has given the company the commercial and financial backing it needs to be stronger than ever.

With four key areas – residential, commercial, industrial and retail – Aurora can concentrate on serving its key focus sectors - delivering reliable, compliant, high-performing, and simple-to-install products to a wide range of customers including wholesalers, contractors and specifiers.

Aurora benefits from an experienced management team, who understands the trade channel and can meet the specific needs of the market through our high quality, value-for-money products backed up with excellent stock availability, delivery service and a talented product support and design team making sure all our customers get the best all-round service.

All of Aurora’s product development fits a specific need or a gap in the market that sets us apart from other manufacturers. When you add in the outstanding levels of service and quality that has come to be expected of Aurora Lighting, it’s no wonder we’re the first choice for LED lighting, time and time again.

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