zactrack announces their new zactrack mini Tracking Solution

Nov. 30, 2022

The latest addition to the zactrack portfolio, zactrack mini has been unveiled at the LDI Show in Las Vegas. Their newest tracking solution now comes in briefcase size for easy transport and deployment by one person - for tracking areas of 15 x 15 metres. It embraces the core zactrack values and puts this tracking solution in a smaller form factor with battery operated components and wireless connectivity for an even faster and easier setup. The user experience is at the heart of zactrack mini. 

Smaller venues, exhibitions stands, individual performers, rental companies, House of Worship are only a small number of the broad applications for this new product. With this new system helping to introduce tracking to new users and smaller spaces, it will also be a more economically viable solution for many users too. Tracking and following is now opened up for any application, designer or performer to embrace and use. 

The system can be physically setup in minutes. Those battery powered components mean no cables and overall there is less system infastructure to install. A Master Anchor forms the nucleus of the mini infastructure, with multiple uses and can even output DMX directly to fixtures with a XLR cable. This simplies the system for the user and removes the need for additional hardware previously needed such as the wireless access point, DMX Node and network switches. 

zactrack mini can be used stand-alone or can be integrated to use with an industry standard lighting console, maintaining that hands-on creative control for the designer and operators. The kit comes with all tracking components and accessories. So, now you can take your portable, battery powered tracking solution anywhere in the world and get straight to work! 

zactrack now offers a number of products that encompass all the tracking / following needs any application or venue could need. All products share the same core values and technologies to allow simultaneous real-time tracking across any stage technology such as lighting, audio, video, cameras and stage automation - all of this from one system. 

zactrack products use Ultra Wide Band Radio and therefore can be used through normal stage materials such as truss, wood and cloth. Or even in varied environmental conditions such as rain, bright sunshine, fireworks, snow, haze, etc. The use of a unified software suite allows users to learn one application and work with any of the zactrack products easily and intuitively. 

zactrack products are agnostic and happily work with any industry brand and technology, due to their adoption of many standard industry protocols - The products work with any console, fixture, media server, immersive audio engine, etc. The result of these shared values results in stable, accurate and precise tracking with the user or operator remaining in full control to incorporate tracking in all or only parts of their show. 

The new zactrack Product portfolio now gives scalable following solutions for the smallest, most intimate spaces right up to the most complex stadium tours. The same feature set can be used on any stage, such as the capability that allows a performance area to be zoned. This feature gives the designer the tools to define and create zones that trigger certain actions, whether that be dimming zones or even dramatic colours or gobo looks when the tracker is in a specific place. This is a tracking solution that has evolved to become an essential and indispensable creative tool within live environments.